New unique set AVAILABLE NOW!

This micro set is now available now at the gift shop in the "Unofficial LEGO museum":, this is a tribute to the Olympics.  This Olympic torch set is available NOW, so enjoy!

Shipping Wars FULL EPISODE, enjoy!

Shipping Wars episode with the "Unofficial LEGO(r) Museum"

click on the link to see the full episode!

Features 2 large LEGO models we got from Ct.

Great episode.

As seen on Shipping Wars!

Tonight the museum was featured on Shipping Wars on A&E.  The models you saw were a portion of the 36,000sq feet of LEGO goodness that is nestled in Eastern Ohio.  I hope you will make the trip down and see my collection.

You can see it again;

One Crystal Short of a Geode

Episode: 11

Premiere Date: August 14 2012

WATCH CLIPS EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS TALK ABOUT IT Download on iTunes Shop the Store "Big Rig" driver, Marc Springer, gets more than he bargained for when he comes toe to toe with an irate customer. "Rookie" Jarrett manages to barely pass a customer inspection after delivering two unique sculptures to a museum.

Dan Brown