Exclusive figures in the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, Ohio!

Life size Scooby Doo in the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, Ohio

New unique set AVAILABLE NOW!

This micro set is now available now at the gift shop in the "Unofficial LEGO museum":, this is a tribute to the Olympics.  This Olympic torch set is available NOW, so enjoy!

As seen on Shipping Wars!

Tonight the museum was featured on Shipping Wars on A&E.  The models you saw were a portion of the 36,000sq feet of LEGO goodness that is nestled in Eastern Ohio.  I hope you will make the trip down and see my collection.

You can see it again;

One Crystal Short of a Geode

Episode: 11

Premiere Date: August 14 2012

WATCH CLIPS EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS TALK ABOUT IT Download on iTunes Shop the Store "Big Rig" driver, Marc Springer, gets more than he bargained for when he comes toe to toe with an irate customer. "Rookie" Jarrett manages to barely pass a customer inspection after delivering two unique sculptures to a museum.

Dan Brown

This is a museum "mini tour" done on You Tube!

Museum interview and mini tour! click on the word Museum to go to the You Tube interview with the founder of the museum.

From the original site; "Joshua Hanlon from aLookatLego.com and Dan Brown give us a brief look at the Toy & Plastic Brick Museum (aka Unofficial LEGO Museum). This video shows less than 1/10 of the LEGO creations on display at the museum."


Facebook album for The Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, OHIO

Facebook photo album for the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum (click here)

I found this today on a fake LEGO news site! Pretty funny stuff from 2011!


Local Children Transformed Into Legos

BELLAIRE - The Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire has been a mystery to many for ages. Nearly thirty years ago, the museum fired its entire staff and closed its gates forever. Ever since, nobody has been seen going in, or coming out. This was a move that baffled local residents and leading experts in the museum field. The people of Bellaire told us that the museum should have collapsed upon itself.

"I don't know what they were trying to pull," said Danny Morell. "I mean, it's not like when Willy Wonka's factory shut down. This is a museum, locking people out defeats the purpose."

 The owner of the museum then made national headlines when he announced that he would let 5 lucky children inside. 5 golden tickets were placed inside select boxes of Legos at local Wal-Mart stores. St. Clairsville Wal-Mart employee Gordon Hewitt told us that this was unapproved by his managers.

"Whoever did this just walked in, opened a box of Legos and put the ticket in there," said Hewitt. "I just pulled the ticket out and gave it to my little cousin."

The children entered the museum early Tuesday morning. When they came out, however, they were no longer children. The front doors opened at 5:30 in the afternoon, and out ran 5 Lego people to rejoin their parents (right). The museum's owner, Dan Brown, told us that the whole stunt was a test for a new machine that turned children into Lego people.

"I started off the tour as conventional as any other," said Brown. "Then I threw in a crazy twist that I bet none of them could see coming!"

When word broke about what had happened to the children, the museum was flooded with thousands of excited kids wishing to be turned into their favorite movie characters.

"I wanna be Indiana Jones!" shouted a voice from the crowd.

"Turn me into Justin Bieber!" yelled another.

Mr. Brown is charging $25 for each transformation, which is permanent.
BRAND NEW to the Bellaire, Ohio Toy and Plastic Brick Museum.  SANTA YODA, one of a kind model ONLY to be seen in Bellaire, Ohio.  Unique bricks were created for this unique model.  Enjoy!
Scooby Doo is on his way!

Will be here in a few weeks!

Enjoy Bellaire, Ohio.  This one of a kind model is coming home.

New Channel 9 interview (click on box to activate)

From News Channel 9 on Feb 18th, 2012 Link to News 9 newscast!
Now this birthday boy knows his Star Wars!  Happy Birthday, glad I could make it.  Sorry I missed the food!
Major boost to my EGO today.  Have not signed books early in the LEGO a Love Story craze!  We had some out of town people in today, and I was available to have them pad my EGO big time!  Thanks guys!
Veteran's Glass City Skyway Bridge

made by Duane Collicott and now in the Unofficial LEGO(r) museum in Bellaire, Ohio.