Had a famous guest over the weekend!

I hope he enjoyed our 'little gem' of a museum in Ohio! I was at Brick World during his visit. I always miss the fun stuff. Dan Brown www.brickmuseum.net

Direct from the program Trading Spaces, Jason Kidd made from LEGO.

We got this from the Kid's room. No not Jason Kidd, but the kid whose room was made over in LEGO. Jason Kidd's statue was shown on the program Trading Spaces, and now is home in the Unofficial LEGO(r) museum in Bellaire, OHIO.

New to the Unofficial LEGO museum. BABAR the elephant!

This was made in 1993. It has been sitting in the lobby of the Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. Babar is now in his new home at The Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, OHIO. Will upload more pics of us moving this huge model in the next few days!