We have our Bellaire, Ohio version of this statue!

In case you did not know, Dora Diego and Boots are here!

Welcome to the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum. The home to Dora, Diego and Boots! They were touring the museum today!

Some new pics of the work being done!

LEGO Death Match 2011!

If you saw it, WOW. If you missed it. SHAME ON YOU!

LEGO Death Match 2011. AWESOME!

Coming to the Unofficial LEGO Museum in Bellaire, OHIO

This model was paid for by a grant donated to the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum by Sam Kazemeini. Thank you Sam for the new KING SAM model.

New to the museum LIMITED EDITION LEGO SET 6500

This is a oddity among LEGO sets. There are only 1000 of these. They were made as a "facebook fan write in set". Enjoy the Shinkai 6500 Submarine.

Newest addition to the museum!

This is a model from a LEGO employee! Looking forward to getting some more history on him!

A loss of one of our visitors.

Sadly Mary (plucky husband Steve shown in the picture above) passed away from breast cancer last year. She will be missed. Thank you for being part of our legacy.


Had a famous guest over the weekend!

I hope he enjoyed our 'little gem' of a museum in Ohio! I was at Brick World during his visit. I always miss the fun stuff. Dan Brown www.brickmuseum.net

Direct from the program Trading Spaces, Jason Kidd made from LEGO.

We got this from the Kid's room. No not Jason Kidd, but the kid whose room was made over in LEGO. Jason Kidd's statue was shown on the program Trading Spaces, and now is home in the Unofficial LEGO(r) museum in Bellaire, OHIO.

New to the Unofficial LEGO museum. BABAR the elephant!

This was made in 1993. It has been sitting in the lobby of the Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. Babar is now in his new home at The Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, OHIO. Will upload more pics of us moving this huge model in the next few days!

LEGO Atlas in 14ft scale!

This new artwork was done by a local artist Mandy Moore for the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum. Those are 7ft large scale bricks!

Now in the Unofficial LEGO Museum. Hagrid!

This unique, one of a kind model was made by a professional builder for a friend. He is now home in the Unofficial LEGO(r) Museum in Bellaire, OHIO. This model is a bit special! If you look close there are numbers on the bricks! From what I have been told those numbers were used to count the bricks and then upscale the model!

NEW Lego Polar Bear. 10 on the CUTE SCALE!

This is an incoming models for the Unofficial LEGO(r) Museum. This little polar bear is coming home to the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum.

Sara Defehr in the Unofficial LEGO Museum.

During the later parts of her life she built with LEGO. Her collection was thought lost until her family found the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire Ohio.

Her room is almost complete!

This is the only known video of her building.


For the 1st time in over 10 years LEGO SOCCER CITY

This is the 1st time in over 10 years that both sections of the famed SOCCER CITY have been in the same place at the same time.


Wooden LEGO Toys on display!

New to the Unofficial LEGO museum.

These rare wooden toys are now on display for a limited time.

New General Store in the Western Room.

New to the Unofficial LEGO Museum

This is our new Western Room General Store.

A dragon rebuilt!

This little guy was damaged by an overactive kid at the museum! We had a guest builder in this week Mike from PennLUG. He kindly rebuilt the little guy for all of your enjoyment! Thanks Mike!