LEGO based Giraffe now in the Unofficial LEGO Museum!

On Dec 28th we will have a Giraffe Building event.

This 10ft tall creation will be at the museum along with the builder who made him.

Come and see this new addition to the museum!

NOW IN HOUSE AND SETUP! Comes and see the newest addition to the UNOFFICIAL LEGO MUSEUM!

New models at the museum.

These are two models from a very large collection.

Come on over and see the new models. Now on display at the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum.

Now at the museum!!!

Come and see the AMAZING LEGOLAND replica of the White House. This is a 6ft replica of the main building in Washington. Made by LEGO professionals at LEGOLAND.

PennLUG Mike and Darth!!!

Your guess is as good as mine. Who is taller?? During our recent event one of the AFOLs had a "who is bigger" contest! I still think Darth is, but that is for you to decide! (Mike was on his tippie toes maybe?? hehehe)

8ft Mini-fig...well maybe Maxi-fig!

scuba diving in Sodwana Bay

One of only 8 known to exist, this tall 8ft Maxi-fig is standing guard in the back hallway! Favorite pic spot!

Mt. Rushmore.

Brickshow1 048, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

This is a 50 plate Mosiac designed by BrickWorkz. The sky detail is AMAZING!

Come see it in person!