Bellaire Football comes to the Museum!

Bellaire Big Red's Football comes to the Bellaire Ohio Toy and Plastic Brick Museum.

This one a kind LEGO made Football is made in original brown!

New models for the museum!

Even during a $$ downturn there are new models coming in for the museum! Come on down and say hi to "Starkist the dolphin"

New figs in the museum and online!

New figures in the museum as well!

We have;

"Bandit" (above), "Biker Chick", "Mutant", "Killer" (above), "Little Pirate", "Terminator" (freekin cool by the way), "Alien", "Enforcer" (above), "King of Pop (above)", and many others.

Come and see our new fig wall assortment!


We are doing our yearly fund raiser! Buy a button and support the museum! Orders taken at