LEGO based Giraffe now in the Unofficial LEGO Museum!

On Dec 28th we will have a Giraffe Building event.

This 10ft tall creation will be at the museum along with the builder who made him.

Come and see this new addition to the museum!

NOW IN HOUSE AND SETUP! Comes and see the newest addition to the UNOFFICIAL LEGO MUSEUM!

New models at the museum.

These are two models from a very large collection.

Come on over and see the new models. Now on display at the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum.

Now at the museum!!!

Come and see the AMAZING LEGOLAND replica of the White House. This is a 6ft replica of the main building in Washington. Made by LEGO professionals at LEGOLAND.

PennLUG Mike and Darth!!!

Your guess is as good as mine. Who is taller?? During our recent event one of the AFOLs had a "who is bigger" contest! I still think Darth is, but that is for you to decide! (Mike was on his tippie toes maybe?? hehehe)

8ft Mini-fig...well maybe Maxi-fig!

scuba diving in Sodwana Bay

One of only 8 known to exist, this tall 8ft Maxi-fig is standing guard in the back hallway! Favorite pic spot!

Mt. Rushmore.

Brickshow1 048, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

This is a 50 plate Mosiac designed by BrickWorkz. The sky detail is AMAZING!

Come see it in person!

New LEGO recycle program now available.

We have opened a new LEGO recycle program.

Since we have massive storage space available to us, and we have all the tools to use and/or dispose of ABS plastic correctly! We have opened a new recycle program;

LEGO Enterprise, beam me up Scotty!

New to the museum is a LEGO built enterprise.

Currently hanging in the masters room for all to enjoy!

Items from a LEGOLAND collection.

We are always looking for unique items to add to our collection.

We found a person who collects LEGOLAND items.

Here they are for the Bellaire Ohio Toy and Plastic Brick Museum

More items from a LEGOLAND collection

More item now in the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, OHIO.

More items from a LEGOLAND collection

These are more new items to the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum

8683 mini figures, WE HAVE THEM ALL!

Come on down. We have them ALL.

Complete sets available at our gift shop.

VERY LIMITED ADDITION FIGURE, get them while they are here!

Preview of "The Machine"

Aok, the story goes like this.

Legs come in grey.
Get painted.
Go to the body install area
If they are not good figs, they go into the fire pit
Heads get put on (grey ones)
Heads get pulled back off (gotta love it)
Heads get painted yellow
Heads go "in one ear, and out the other", and get smileys
Heads go back on the figs
Hats go on the figs
Figs go into "The Machine"
Big figs come out!

You tube video of THE WORLD RECORD BUILD!

This is video from The World Record build from 2007! Enjoy. The final product is in our basement to this day. Come and see it at The Toy and Plastic Brick Museum!

Mandy makes the Castle room come alive!

And we have Mandy, one heck of a graphic artist! I cannot draw to save my life, but this lady can paint...and she has! 2 rooms down! 2 to go!


One of the new rooms in the museum will be Dex lab and THE MACHINE.

Here is a pre-lim pic of the machine!

Reminder of what was done!

During the 2007 show we broke a world record!

During the 2010 show we will break another one!

Come and join us!

New book in the museum!

LEGO a love story is now at the museum! Come and grab your copy now!

A must for ANY LEGO lover!

New upstairs for the MUSEUM!

This is the original collection from the original plans for the museum! Upstairs has been converted to a major pile of VERY cool toys! Everything you can imagine, and more! Come and enjoy the LEGO elements and non LEGO elements alike!

Now something for everyone! And ever expanding!

And more pictures from the NEW UPSTAIRS!

Here are some of the new pics!

Bellaire Football comes to the Museum!

Bellaire Big Red's Football comes to the Bellaire Ohio Toy and Plastic Brick Museum.

This one a kind LEGO made Football is made in original brown!

New models for the museum!

Even during a $$ downturn there are new models coming in for the museum! Come on down and say hi to "Starkist the dolphin"

New figs in the museum and online!

New figures in the museum as well!

We have;

"Bandit" (above), "Biker Chick", "Mutant", "Killer" (above), "Little Pirate", "Terminator" (freekin cool by the way), "Alien", "Enforcer" (above), "King of Pop (above)", and many others.

Come and see our new fig wall assortment!