SR-71 Blackbird arrives safe in Bellaire, OHIO

Super FIG wall in place!

The long awaiting SUPER FIG WALL is now in place. Just in time for X-Mas! We also have a pile of sets awaiting your stocking stuffer needs. Feel free to come down and pickup (no tour needed). Just ask to go to the gift shop.

Molly Shannon's Mosiac is now in house.

LEGO Mosaic Designed And Made By Molly Shannon And Her Daughter

We won this at a LEGOLAND auction. Enjoy.

We have GOT THEM, Taun tauns are in house!

Gift Shop UPDATE!!!

Aok for August you will have some new things in the gift shop;

Brick by the LB! Yes, that is brick by the pound! Come on down and see the HUGE assortment. Over 300lb and growing EVERY DAY!!!

Also our new fig wall is up! It is SWEET! Grab up the Batman, Skeletons, Sponge Bob and other figs! Also a TON of Star Wars figs as well!

Have a great one, and as always make sure you ask about our weekly specials!

Masters room, say Hi to Bill.

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Bill was a LEGO employee that helped us get the museum off the ground. So now he is our very own Master Builder!

More goodies at the museum!

scuba diving in Sodwana Bay

Here are the gamblers at the museum!!! Story goes we were building the museum and one of our clubs (PENNLUG) did not like my LEGO cards! So they built their own! Add in some whisky bottles and you have a cool display!

One of a kind collection! NOW IN THE MUSEUM

IMG_1128 (2), originally uploaded by clarity2199.

There were only 100 made of each of these! Rare enough on their own, but we found a complete collection of these VERY RARE LEGO Toby Jugs. These items were made in Australia by the Australian Lego Model Team. This is the only known complete collection of these rare items.

In house NOW!

Now a 501c3!!!

Our federal paperwork just came back.

We are now a 501c3 under the federal guidelines.

Feel free to contact us via email about donations and our up and coming projects.

This year we will (drum role please);

"World's Longest Structure made from LEGO(r)", we are working on the designs now, but it will be "The great wall of America".

Please feel free to contact us via email ( for building, donation, and planning details. We will also be doing a monthly newsletter starting in April/May on the project.

The gang is all here.

Brickshow2 010, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

If you can see it, you can build it. These prototype models were made by the LEGO group under contract.

This could be you!

Brickshow3 042, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

Pictures last a lifetime at the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum.

We have MANY picture moments at the museum!

Brick Store to you

Brickshow3 001, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

Order online and sets will be delivered to your house via person (20 mile radius) or in the mail.

Support your local Toy and Plastic Brick Museum.

Over 1 million elements available to you, Thousands of mini figs, Hundreds of sets.

Bellaire BIG Reds have a new player

Brickshow3 027, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

Say Hi to Dirk! He stands 7ft tall, and he is the newest Bellaire Big Red!

Made from over 20,000 FLESH Colored bricks (not available!), he is a sight to see.

World Record LEGO Build, "No clowing around"

Brickshow3 079, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

We are not clowing around. 2 WORLD RECORDS under our belt!

Our new professional builder

IMG_0445, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

Straight from Alaska, this builder built this HUGE Monster at Brick Show 2008.

It is now on display at the museum!

Newset Mosiac

IMG_0448, originally uploaded by clarity2199.

This was created AT Brick Show 2009 by Brian Korte and the public. Very cool Mosiac which will be part of the "Kings Court"