Link to the Brick Show 2008 pics!!!

Brick Show 2008 PICS

They are HUGE!!! So we had to host them off the blog site!

Mars keeps fit during obese times.

The population of earth is going in the other direction. But on Mars they are keeping up the weight lifting to keep their poundage down.

Mars pictures, life on mars??

Plastica, The band made from LEGO bricks

This band has adorned our stage since we opened. Its long trip to Bellaire, OH was filled with twists and turns! Also alot of repairs were needed!

It is one of the best parts of the collection. Enjoy.

Black lit space room!!!

For those of you who have been to the museum you know about the black lit room! For those of you on the fence, this is one of the coolest rooms in the museum!!!

World Record build 2008

Here are some pictures of the world record build 2008. Just so you understand the scale of this thing, it takes up an entire classroom at the school!!!

Back part of the HUGE Yellow castle.

During our winter months we will be completing the "fill" portion of the castle.

Our plan is to have you entire the kingdom and see it in the "round". Enjoy these pre-lim pictures. It only gets bigger and better in person!