Lobster Fest 2008 pic II at the museum

Lobster Fest 2008 at the museum!

Biggum FROG!

Add to the goat a Frog and you have one heck of a model!

Name the goat contest!!!

aok, this is our newest addition. We are running a "NAME THE GOAT" contest. Please submit your entries to toymuseum@hotmail.com

You will get a plaque with your name on it in the museum and online "cudos" for naming the life goat!

Picture of the "Circle of Life"

aok as my story goes.

The Rabbits eat the carrots
The The Rabbits are eaten by the Chupacabra (above them)
The Chupacabra gets eaten by the lion next to him

and of course Garfield is the top of EVERY food chain!


BIG Duplo Rhino

He is HUGE, and he likes to play baseball!!!

Better pic of my Storming the keep!!!

This is a MUCH better pic of my "Storming the Keep"