Exclusive set from The Toy Museum

We are working on the 1st run of the soon to be VERY POPULAR World Record Truck.

I have some information on it, but it will be coming out in the coming weeks. Pre-orders are being taken now. I am awaiting confirm from Guiness(r) on the Logo usages, or we would be selling the set now.

I will keep you posted on other exclusive models.

We have our approval from Guinness!!!

Option for Claim ID 197477
Congratulations! Your record has been approved and a certificate has been sent to the address provided in your profile. The current record for "Largest LEGO ® image" is:The largest LEGO® image in the world measured 80.84 m² (870.15 ft²) and was made by The Toy Museum during August 2007 in Bellaire, Ohio, USA, and was measured on 24 October 2007.

The Brick Festival dates. Sept 5th, 6th, 7th

We are trying to get the BRICKFEST name now, but we had to begin scheduling the BRICK FESTIVAL for Sept. 2008 in OHIO!!!

Check out the exclusive sight


New unique bricks in the museum

To the right is the WORLDs smallest ACTUAL LEGO(r) 2x4 brick.

Also to show size it is next to a nickle!!

Then we have a REAL LEGO(r) Gold brick. This is one from Denmark.

Was given to an employee during the 50th party. Now it resides in the

Museum in Bellaire OHIO.