Link to the Brick Show 2008 pics!!!

Brick Show 2008 PICS

They are HUGE!!! So we had to host them off the blog site!

Mars keeps fit during obese times.

The population of earth is going in the other direction. But on Mars they are keeping up the weight lifting to keep their poundage down.

Mars pictures, life on mars??

Plastica, The band made from LEGO bricks

This band has adorned our stage since we opened. Its long trip to Bellaire, OH was filled with twists and turns! Also alot of repairs were needed!

It is one of the best parts of the collection. Enjoy.

Black lit space room!!!

For those of you who have been to the museum you know about the black lit room! For those of you on the fence, this is one of the coolest rooms in the museum!!!

World Record build 2008

Here are some pictures of the world record build 2008. Just so you understand the scale of this thing, it takes up an entire classroom at the school!!!

Back part of the HUGE Yellow castle.

During our winter months we will be completing the "fill" portion of the castle.

Our plan is to have you entire the kingdom and see it in the "round". Enjoy these pre-lim pictures. It only gets bigger and better in person!

Now 7 LEGO MEN exist!!!

1st one is in Enfield, CT at the LEGO US Headquarters

2nd-5th are at the museum in Bellaire, OH

6th washed up on shore in the netherlands

7th is now in England

Built by Nathan Sawaya....World Record boat made of LEGO

And now we have 3.

World Largest Image made of LEGO (Guinness Record)
World Largest Castle made of LEGO
2005 World's Largest Boat made of LEGO

Just got back from Seattle (yup, drove over 2000 miles!!!), this will be in the museum during our artist days of Nov!!! Come by and see this MONSTER CREATION in person!!! It is as big as it looks!!!


Zoo in the museum

For those of you who have not been to the museum. I present "The Zoo in the Museum"

feel free to watch the monkey's eyes!!! Very cool effect in person!


Our New Mascot!!!

For all of you at the show;

You know the talent of this future Master Builder

For all of you just checking us out;

Now this is REAL art work. Built from memory in 4 days with thousands of elements. I bring you our new Mascot. I call him Bill.

Brick Show 2008 is OVER!!!

And as quick as it began, BRICK SHOW 2008 is done!!!

Special thanks to my ARMY of builders!!!


Official measurements next week, as well as we will be putting in the display...get this;

OVER 1.4 MILLION bricks worth of displays made by MY KID ARMY!!!
Over 2100 figs
1 MASSIVE Kings Court Mosiac
Bionicle ARMY

This puppy is HUGE!!! I am sure you will be seeing pics, and made sure to order your pic CD, and tee shirt (we have a number of them left at 7.00 ea!!!)

Once again we have made history!!!

Dan Brown

New in the Museum, Girl made of LEGO

Very cool item, as with the LEGO boy as well. She has very special hands. They can grab items due to a very neat trick with the fingers.

New plaque coming to the museum!!!

Not here yet, but come see it after Brick Show!!!

Duanes bridge comin' to the museum

Yea, thats me with the bridge. Never knew it would be coming to the museum a few months later!!!

Oh well...Check it out in person at Brick Show 2008!!!


Picture of the "Circle of Life"

aok as my story goes.

The Rabbits eat the carrots
The The Rabbits are eaten by the Chupacabra (above them)
The Chupacabra gets eaten by the lion next to him

and of course Garfield is the top of EVERY food chain!


BIG Duplo Rhino

He is HUGE, and he likes to play baseball!!!

Better pic of my Storming the keep!!!

This is a MUCH better pic of my "Storming the Keep"

Now showing in the Plastic Brick Museum Scoobie and Company!!!

They may only be 20in tall, but the gang is coming to the museum in May.

Bring out your Scooby hats, and come visit the Mystery Gang at the museum

Clown made of LEGO

We just unpacked one clown, and now we have another (no offense to all the clowns running around out there!!!)

This is another 4ft fig. Come and see the new clown (not me by the way) near the zoo!!!


Local boy breaks a World Record...hey thats me!!!

Yea my team and I now hold the record for the World's Largest LEGO(r) Image!!! Made it on Comcast news makers, News Channel 9, Times Leader Newspaper, and more to come. We are going to put Bellaire OHIO on the map!!!

Dan Brown

The 4ft Pirate

This is a "Photo dummy" 4ft pirate. It was used for promotional video and flyers. It is not a real mini-fig, it is but a hollow dummy. It came from England, and was lost for over a year on a boat.

Another sneak peek

Aok, this one is called "The Ultimate Weapon". It shows a sculpture by Nathan Sawaya in a docking bay being reoutfitted (and having her ears cleaned thanks to PENNLUG) to be a Weapon of Mass Destruction...Mega Maid anyone??

Coming in April...sneek peek

Aok, for all you space fans. Here is a sneak peek at what is coming in late April. We will be reopening full time, and adding a couple of new rooms. One is the SPACE ROOM.
This is a fan depiction of the falcon cockpit.

Created by accident, wanted by all.

This is a prototype test mold blast. This was created by accident, but for collectors like myself it is a very cool item.

It is small, only the size of a standard fig. But its worth to us is beyond belief. They normally destroy these little guys, but a few made it out of the factory.

Along with the Ghost prototype I give you "Darth Helmet".

Building contest at Treasure Island March 15th

Come one, come all....Treasure Island Flea Market on March 15th.

The Building contest is coming, and all are welcome.

We supply the Plastic Brick, you supply the building designs.

We will have judges on hand, prizes in pocket, and all you need bring is your will to build!!!

Contact us for details 740-671-8890

Our gift shop is now online.

If you need anything, send in the order and feel free to pickup at the museum.

We have set, parts, and very cool retail display items as well.

Just in case it did not register!!!

I am the funny looking guy behind the record!!!
We now hold the official "Guinness Book of World Records, World's Largest LEGO(r) Image"
Which will soon be the "World's Largest Plastic Toy Brick Image"

Splash page for the Brick Show 2008

And so we begin.

We have 3 clubs signed, 2 builders ready, 2 companies on board for showing their wares!! We have over 100 signed up to attend, and 50 for the building contest!!!

This is our will be all over in the coming weeks!!!


Special Thanks to Comcast Newsmakers

Coming in April, we have a new sponser.

Comcast Newsmakers has been nice enough to do a special on the Toy and Plastic Brick museum and our upcoming show in Sept. BRICK SHOW 2008

Thanks for giving us the media attention, and a special thanks to Jennifer for helping a business in the Ohio Valley.

Coming in March!!!

Well it is MORE THEN MEETS THE EYES. Here is the personal collection of our pres. herself. THE TRANSFORMERS collection from the 1980s. This is ONLY A SPEC of what we will be showing. We have over 300 figs, INCLUDING THE ORIGINAL MINI BOTS!!!

TRANSFORMERS © 2001 Hasbro Inc. Manufactured under license from Takara Co., Ltd.

Official Brick Art by Thomas Main

This was a feature at BrickFest 2003 (cm), and was created by Thomas Main

It will be at the museum in late Feb. for our "Art of Mosiacs" showing.

Included in this will be all the Mosiacs as well as a brand new work of art designed by Brickworkz(tm) and built by my staff. It will replace the San Fran skyline in the World Record Build and be a very cool and VERY well known image. For the Atty. out there, NON TRADE MARK build!!!



Museum has gone batty.

This is one of the new displays at the museum! Come and see this new addition yourself along with some other new attractions!!

Studs up Harry Potter(r) Mosiac

aok, this is a new one for us. We have a stud up Mosiac upstairs, but this is an original LEGO(r). It is framed in a metal frame, and it is a Dithered Mosiac. It looks better through a lense then in person. Or if you step back about 10 feet it looks amazing. This is one of a specific group of promotional Mosiacs.


Space room additions.

In case you forgot, this is one very cool item we have had for some time. This work of art was created by Nathan Sawaya under license by the LEGO(r) group.

It will be a featured item in the new Space room coming to the museum in March!

Very rare TEST SHOT Collectors item

This is a VERY rare set of a test shot RED GHOST and Black Ghost. Good luck finding any of these in ANY set. They are the rarest of the prototype pieces!!! We now have them in the museum, and they will be added along with some other prototype items in the near future!

Coming to the museum in March!!!

From Eric Sophie the premier MECH builder of our time comes MECH 9, one of the classic MECH pieces known in the universe. This will be one of many of the new space items in the museum!!!

Come and see our space room grow!

New greeter at the museum. Gurgi was not doing his job.

As I said, in 2008 we are making some changes. Gurgi was not doing his job well. So he has been put out to pasture as our greeter.

So with our new built cash register in hand, we now show you our new greeter. Say "hi" to our new greeter....Buddy the Elf.

Exclusive set from The Toy Museum

We are working on the 1st run of the soon to be VERY POPULAR World Record Truck.

I have some information on it, but it will be coming out in the coming weeks. Pre-orders are being taken now. I am awaiting confirm from Guiness(r) on the Logo usages, or we would be selling the set now.

I will keep you posted on other exclusive models.

We have our approval from Guinness!!!

Option for Claim ID 197477
Congratulations! Your record has been approved and a certificate has been sent to the address provided in your profile. The current record for "Largest LEGO ® image" is:The largest LEGO® image in the world measured 80.84 m² (870.15 ft²) and was made by The Toy Museum during August 2007 in Bellaire, Ohio, USA, and was measured on 24 October 2007.

The Brick Festival dates. Sept 5th, 6th, 7th

We are trying to get the BRICKFEST name now, but we had to begin scheduling the BRICK FESTIVAL for Sept. 2008 in OHIO!!!

Check out the exclusive sight