Alien INFECTION...we have proof!!!

This is how far the alien infection has come. We now have 24 states (including Hawaii) on our peg board as well as CONFIRMED PEOPLE FROM CANADA AND ENGLAND as well. Our guest book is filling up, and EVERYONE THAT COMES TO THE MUSEUM will be added to the ALIEN INFECTION you dare come??

Made by Eric the Mona Lisa

This is made by one of our featured artists Eric Harshbarger. This amazing mosiac is one of our featured items in the museum.

Creepy SKULL!!!

aok for anyone who gets the heeby geebies off a room full of brick, here is the semi official SKULL de ja brick

Any one got a brew??

Actually I am alergic to Beer...but I like the truck anyway!!!

Scale Garbage truck.

Taking out the trash?? This is one very cool Garbage truck.
It is now in the Masters room!

Coming in Jan 2007.

Speacial thanks to Nathan for offering the museum this one of a kind piece of art. In Jan 2008 we will be getting this piece for the museum. It was featured in Newsweek(r) and will make one fine addition to the museum.