Arrrg, I am in the water room

For anyone who needs a 4ft pirate around. Here he is.

He is now in a canoe in the water room.....all I can say (again) is ARGGG.

Our new add on front door.

Here is the picture of our new front door. We built in a display into the door.

Behind it is a Bionacle (r) climbing a ladder as well as our reception desk.

Being atacked by a 8ft Mini Fig.

Yup, it finally happened. I snapped. I was attacked by a 8ft BIG Fig. I thought it was only a nightmare dream...but no. I was really beaten by him.


New History room

Here is a picture from our History room.

This room has multiple elements;

1.) Actual antique toys from the LEGOLAND(r) museum in Denmark

2.) Wooden LEGO(r) toys from the 40s and 50s

3.) Kids from the LEGO(r) travel show

4.) Click Mc. Brick is teaching the class


Carpet in the gym.

Here is the crew installing the new carpet in the gym along the walkway up to the 1st floor.

We built a handicap ramp from the top of the bleachers to the 1st floor landing to make it easier for people to get in the building...also to see the band!