COLTC in the house.

PICTURES of the visit are at this link:

Special thanks to all the COLTC members that came over and kicked butt over the weekend.
The COLTC room is coming along great, some new train cars by our resident (and youngest) train fan. Also in the last week;
We finished most of the emergency lighting. Have more working sinks. Finished the Jurrassic layout (Dan did that one). Completed the gym cleanup (thanks Carol). Painted the rest of the band viewing area (Thanks to Larry on that one). Also finished the micro scale layouts in the XXXXXXX room as well. Also Rick built a TON of sets for his rooms layout as well including the BIG RIG, 2 day build on that puppy.
Thanks for all the help....I could not complete it without you.
Dan Brown founder The Toy Museum

Our favorite droid by Eric

After checking out his collection we bought it all. And yes we have the Pegasus and the Droid as well (not to mention some kids from Fox as well)

Here is the Droid by Eric...he is HUGE!!!

3723 and more 3723

As many people know the 3723 scale is a widely used scale for MAXI-FIGs..

here is an example of 3 of them now in the Knights room.

My German Knight display

Straight from Germany...check out the 3724 dragon standing next to the castle!!!

This display was packed well from a friend of the museum from Germany. It was sitting above her staircase for years until she was nice enough to sell it to us for our Knights room in the museum.

Now in the Knights room created by Eric

This chess set is now in the Knights room. We have a Wizard (archive) and a Dragon (archive) both playing chess!

Argg, I am now in the toy museum

Here is our long lost pirate. He was stuck in a box in the store. He is now home where he belongs!

Kids ICONS in the museum.

Tis figs are 4ft tall!!! Came from LEGOLAND (r) California

Penguin in the zoo.

Hi all....I FOUND OUR PENGUIN. We unpacked EVERY box in the museum, it was stored in the last box in the last room. Here he is.

The ultimate MASK...the Hau

And now comes the big money items. Here is the HAU mask of destiny. SOLID GOLD mask from the Bionicle (r) collection. Only a few of these were ever made. EVEN MORE RARE THEN MY SOLID GOLD BRICK....and we were lucky enough to have one donated to the museum!

Gotta love the real gold stuff!

Stadium Parking lot

Every Stadium needs a parking lot. The LEGO(r) Rick room is no different.

This layout now has a complete parking lot for the scores of mini figs in the Stadium right behind it.

Now in the Masters room.

Here is the final display in the MASTERS room, we also have the Ronald in a case by himself now.

Getting ready to open soon, keep checking the websight for dates and hours!!!

Redman in the house.

Created by a Microsoft software designer this figure now in his case in the museum came to us from Brickfest 2006. Yellow man the other figure in the set is in another museum.

Special Thanks to David Winkler for creating this work of art.

Famous people w. one of my builders.

The followups here are coming in quick.

Ever wonder if famous people exist, or they are just computer generated people that the media makes up??

Well an article on CNN about LEGO(r) almost had us listed, but we ended up on the cutting room floor.

This is a picture of one of our builders ( meeting with the future host of the VIEW...hahahaha

Hoping he will come to the museum when we open. Would be fun to "shmooze" with the rich and famous for awhile.

Tennis anyone.

Straight from Asia, newest additions to the museum's 19in collection