Looking for a few good men/women

Next week begins the process of looking for workers. We are getting ready to open soon, so this is the beginning of the process!!!

Please send applications/resumes to;

Bellaire Historic Society

c/o Dan Brown

1731 Belmont St.

Bellaire, OH 43906

Coming along. Need money for specific projects.

Well here is where the non-profit part begins.

We need funds to complete the projects in the museum. We are going to begin a fund raiser in the next couple of weeks. If your looking for a tax writeoff, or just want to be part of the "friends to the museum" plaque please feel free to offer funds up to complete these projects;

Emergency lighting. Need about $1500.00 to complete
Handicap lift work. Need about $500.00 to complete
Handicap bathroom. Need about $2000.00 for that project
Display cases for the History room $1100.00 (and this one will have your name on the case "donated by :XXXXXXXX" will be on a plaque in that room
Painting work at the museum. About $400.00 remaining

Any amount would be great. If you know any companies doing grants for non profits please let us know. We are new to this. Keep looking for upcoming events and promotions. We plan to be fund raising through E_bay soon as well.

Dan Brown founder Bellaire Historic Society and Toy Museum

More pictures from the California Trip

Here are a few more pictures from the California trip. Was a blast.


Back from California

We flew in last week, met up with a local LEGO(r) maniac named Tom. And proceeded to pack up our won models from the LEGOLAND(r) auction.

Fun trip, and special thanks to the LEGOLAND(r) employes for the help, and Tom for making the trek with a broken leg to help.

We crated, boxed, wrapped, and still packed our bags full. Fun trip all around.

Here are some pics...more to come