Construction scene train.

This black train is a prototype unglued model. We thought it would look great in the construction layout we were designing.

In this layout there are two tracks, one incoming on the 8ft tall guys foot, one outgoing.

You see both tunnels here. This is on the 1st floor in the back corner. Look for updated pictures in the future on this layout. Should be pretty wild!

Lost picture from the Archives.

This guy is from Germany. I got three models, funny story too. I made a HUGE mistake in converting from CM's to Inches, and thought this guy was bigger. So when it arrived I had already had the "shanty" house built for him and a couple of other model. Much to my dismay they were a heck of a lot shorter then expected!

After a couple of days of online problems.

After a couple of days of being in limbo land...the links now work to our sight again. Guess that is what I get for trying to be a big shot.

What you see here is a set of ASIA 19in figs. These figs are SUPER RARE, and finding the set together....WOW!!! This is the infamous Indiana Jones (r) and his father Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (r) in FULL LEGO(r) form. Very rare with the head gear in place.

The American Sport, but from ASIA

OK, fellow sports fans give me your ear.

This 19in fig is from ASIA, but is toating the proudly American Baseball Bat. Not only used for the game, but as of late assaulting your local neighbor. It is a shame how the American pasttime has become so tainted with scandle. BUT NOT HERE, this fig plays for the correct team. Enjoy.

2nd Tennis man from Asia.

We have yet another of the 19in MAXIFIG tennis men. Same location, they came from Asia. In the US they have the construction guys with tools, guess to promote the sports collection they used these fun 19in figs to promote their "wares" in the toy stores.

From Asia

These 19in "MAXI-figs" are from Asia. The 19in scale is used in most of the major toy stores to show off the mini-figs in grand form. We do not have all of them, but we do have quite a collection of these VERY valuable massive figures. Enjoy.