New display in the Underwater room

This was an original store display. It shows a bunch of vintage sets as well as animation of each of the items. Enjoy.

Completed MOO-A-CELL

The MECH is in, the skirt is on. The cow had to be put in the zoo since it was too HONKIN TALL FOR THE ZONING...dang laws!

Here is the final pic of the MOO-A-CELL. When you come over to see the museum, it is in front of it...too big to fit through the doors!


Our greeter is hooked up.

From a land far, far away comes our greeter for the museum. His wages are VERY low, so treat him nice.

He is a 19point robot. He speaks and moves, and you press the button and he will talk your ear off. He is NOT LEGO(r), but he is a great item for the museum. He is called an animatronic robot. His upfront cost is HUGE, but at least one less paycheck for the museum!

Based on the 3723 scale.

This was a set of two store displays. This diver is in the 3723 scale (about 18 in tall) and he is headed into the underwater room at the museum.

Straight from Denmark.

These were sold in the LEGOLAND(r) museum auction. We will have a complete room of these items for show. Special thanks to Vicki for selling us these at cost. We would have loved to go direct to the auction, but funds were tight at that point in the museum's creation, and we were not able to afford it. Here is but a sample of what is coming to the museum.

Good day fishing.

Here is the last of the fish. Spent a bit much on these, but since it is the last of them. What the hey! We have two of the blue ones for the aqua room. These are glued models, made by LEGO(r) CT.

Does The Chupacabra Really Exist? I Really Need To Know!!

In our zoo, this little fellow came to us. He busted out of his case, and all of our chickens went poof!!! Is this the infamous Chupacabra...time will tell.

This is a store display of Don Quiote w. his horse. Facial expression on the horse is priceless.

Created under license from Burger King. This HUGE blow up will be on the museum for opening. Nothing like having a HUGE blow up to make people notice. Also we got approval for some HUGE signs for the museum. I will get some pics for ya when we get them done!

Be good.


Camden field by Burik Model Design

This micro scale replica was built and designed by our favorite Pittsburgh builder.

Jason Burik