Soccer City....and more to come.

Once upon a time. There was a place called Soccer City. Sorry to say that is no more. But the remains are in two seperate places.

1.) Soccer Hall of Fame in NY (yupper, in the Soccer Museum no less)

2.) In Bellaire OHIO

Their layout is the same size, and shows city scape....mine is more rustic...I of course like mine!

Where is the Fire??

Somewhere in Asia.....a fire is raging. And this little guy (about 19in tall) is now in the US of A.

You can never have enough Fire men!!!

Big pirate.

This little big guy was missing in action. He was packed in a box in the store for over a year. Well we began cleaning it last week, and out he came. of a kind

This is a one of a kind saved model. This is an unglued prototype model. Bet ya cannot guess who he is???

His name is Cheezy....enjoy. And yes you do see a Tucan to his left. Check out the mini-fig montage behind it as well. That one came from the Basket Ball hall of fame!!!

Storming the KEEP....1050+ figs

Ever wonder what to do with 1000 Vladicks Knights?? Well here it is. This is a 8ft x 12ft layout of an army storming the Keep. The Keep is a store display from England, the Dragons are glued displays, the rest is built by your resident nut...yup me.

Worked my buns off on this one, almost done. Nothing like adding in 1000+ figs, 200+ scorpions, 10 dragons, 50+ horses, and enough green to fill a semi!


In The COLTC (Central Ohio Train Club) room

All hail Paul. His works of art adorn the COLTC room. This sweet church is one of many creations by the Creative fans of the brick.

EARTH made from Toy Plastic Bricks.

From the Mars trailor comes this scale replica of Earth. We also have a Mars and a moon as well.
This one is a 1/2 planet. It is hanging in the Fiber Optic display now.

The Rick room layout.

In a galaxy far far away (actually California), came a person that donated his entire collection to me to make the museum. This is his tribute. The Rick room. His sets line the walls, a San-Fran Mosiac hangs in the background, and his layout is almost complete.
We are also working on an amusement park as well.

More Fish for the Underwater room.

These fish were part of a traveling show.
We have four other brick fish as well.

Gotta love the GOLD.

This is a real gold brick. There were supposedly 50 made and given to LEGO(r) employees.

In the words of Austin Powers rival.....I love Gold.......muhahahaha.


From the collection of Jason Burik

Here is the Empire State building. This was shown in a trade show in California before coming to the museum.

Stadium in the Rick room.

Here is the awaited picture of the basketball stadium. Check out the HUGE amount of mini-figs. Also there is a guest in the rafters. Spidey is making his debut.
This is now part of the RICK room, come see it for yourself. AWSOME piece of work

From the collection of Jason Burik.

Only pictures in existance of the famed Hollywood Blvd made by Jason Burik. Here it is, you're welcome to grab the pic as well...


Our road trip to pickup models, and visit the family

During a rough 2006 we made major strides forward. But also made some major strides backward as well. With the retirement of a key player that was helping the museum become the unique place it was becoming. Loss of a partner and the financial drain that put on the museum. As well as a failed attempt at getting an inhouse builder. We were looking a bit down in the dumps. But all that changed during a holiday trip to my High School Reunion! A great stop off, some new models. And our new curator and friend to the museum came into being. A new way of doing business as well came right after. So 2006 is finally over, and 2007 is looking great. Here are a couple of pics of the road trip and models we picked up. Thanks to all involved, it was nice to get some needed words of praise when an old LEGO (r) nut needed them.

Dan Brown

19 in Mini-Figs. Addition to the collection.

We do not have all of them yet, but here is another one to add to the collection.

Moo A Cell update.

Well after the 60+ winds the enclosure around the Moo-A-Cell is toast. But the MECH and the Moo-A-Cell itself was unharmed in the MONSTER WINDS. My neighbors tree (which killed my front year fence in the dropping) and the 100+ yr old tree up the street (took it over roots and all) did not fare so well. Here is a close up of the riders. Also we had a production company out of CT make a "spinner" for the Moo-A-Cell. So it now goes round and round, and round!

Our favorite wizard

This person need no introduction. He is the youngest wizard we have in the museum. Our older wizard is in the Knights room. We have a special treat for the Harry lovers as well. Same scale Giant is in the museum as well!!!


Gravity Aliens.

This was one of the saved displays from the Mission From Mars (r) road show. You pull a lever and the Aliens lift weights.

Our Mission From Mars (r) room is all but complete. We finished the air lines a few weeks back, and the fiber optics is now all hooked and working as well. We have one minor problem with the big alien shaking his arm off, but that should be fixed in the coming weeks.

New in the zoo.

This was one of the lost models from England. He now joins his mother (a Duplo (r) giraffe) in the zoo.

He made it, and now guards the hallway

Here he is in his full glory. Special thanks to the lady who was selling him on E-Bay. And to the packing and shipping company that did a great job packing him. He is a welcome addition to the museum. We do not have a bionacle (r) specific room, so for now he guards the hallway. He is a heavy bugger, and my back is still feeling the lift to the 1st floor.