Welcome to the new home of the Guinness World Record for the WORLD's LARGEST LEGO(r) IMAGE

We are awaiting the final cert. now, but we have the record!

Over 600 people showed up, 200 kids helped build the HUMONGOUS TRAILOR!!!

designed by:Brian Korte, Brickworkz LLC
built by;

Dan Brown, Crystal Boyd, Larry Courtwright, Brian Korte, Eric Harshbarger as well as MANY others!!!

Special thanks to Eric for letting us use his HUGE image to accent the truck!

Special thanks to Carol from COLTC that came in for the big save

Special thanks to our staff for making the event the HUGE success that it was!

Special thanks to the Spirit of 76 fire department for the big save on the food service.

If I forgot anyone, let me know!!!

Again...thanks to all involved! Sweet event.

And come to Bellaire, OHIO to see the WORLD's LARGEST LEGO(r) IMAGE!!!

It is in our gym!!


His work speaks for itself. We will be posting weekly updates as we get closer to the event.

LOOKING FOR BUILD PEOPLE. Let me know if/when you can come in and work on this event. This is going in the BIG BOOK people!!! Lets get it going together.

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