COLTC in the house.

PICTURES of the visit are at this link:

Special thanks to all the COLTC members that came over and kicked butt over the weekend.
The COLTC room is coming along great, some new train cars by our resident (and youngest) train fan. Also in the last week;
We finished most of the emergency lighting. Have more working sinks. Finished the Jurrassic layout (Dan did that one). Completed the gym cleanup (thanks Carol). Painted the rest of the band viewing area (Thanks to Larry on that one). Also finished the micro scale layouts in the XXXXXXX room as well. Also Rick built a TON of sets for his rooms layout as well including the BIG RIG, 2 day build on that puppy.
Thanks for all the help....I could not complete it without you.
Dan Brown founder The Toy Museum

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