April Museum updates

AOK...this is a new post we will be doing monthly until the museum opens. It is an update on the progress we are making on construction...MOCs (my own creations)...and general stuff that is need to know by everyone.
We are looking for local builders to help!
We are looking for a person to help us write grants for the museum!
We are always looking for funds (costs a ton to do this)
Besides that this is the update for March;
In March we began the CofO work for the ADA ramp in the GYM! It has been inspected by the state of Ohio and is ready for painting!
In March we completed the ADA lift ramp, it is ready for painting
In March some moron stole a car and rammed it into our fence. It was repaired, and the wonderful insurance company denied the claim since his vehicle was stolen. Gotta love insurance.
In March we finished the Construction layout. It is complete and looks great (will have pics next week)
In March we almost completed the Knights Kingdom layout. Have a bit more green and some touch up and it will be DONE!!
In March we made the plans for April which include;
Complete the painting
Complete the Jurrasic layout (about 20% done now)
Complete the lift work (motor was pulled and cleaned this week)
Complete the ADA Bathroom (inspection was done this week)
Complete the gym painting (HUGE project, if anyone likes to paint let me know!)
Start up the AFOL (adult fan of LEGO club) in Bellaire
Begin the process of getting paid employees for the museum, and get volunteers as well.
Find a grant writer
Begin installing the fire system and emergency lighting.
Besides that we have been cleaning, nailing, and doing a ton of general work.
Special thanks to Rick, Carol, Donny, Jim, Larry, and of course myself for getting it done. We put in some HUGE hours on the projects this month. Weather here is cruddy for the next 4-5 days, but when spring is here...we will be at it 24/7 until it is complete!
Be good
Dan Brown founder Bellaire Historic Society and Toy Museum

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