Alien INFECTION...we have proof!!!

This is how far the alien infection has come. We now have 24 states (including Hawaii) on our peg board as well as CONFIRMED PEOPLE FROM CANADA AND ENGLAND as well. Our guest book is filling up, and EVERYONE THAT COMES TO THE MUSEUM will be added to the ALIEN INFECTION you dare come??

Made by Eric the Mona Lisa

This is made by one of our featured artists Eric Harshbarger. This amazing mosiac is one of our featured items in the museum.

Creepy SKULL!!!

aok for anyone who gets the heeby geebies off a room full of brick, here is the semi official SKULL de ja brick

Any one got a brew??

Actually I am alergic to Beer...but I like the truck anyway!!!

Scale Garbage truck.

Taking out the trash?? This is one very cool Garbage truck.
It is now in the Masters room!

Coming in Jan 2007.

Speacial thanks to Nathan for offering the museum this one of a kind piece of art. In Jan 2008 we will be getting this piece for the museum. It was featured in Newsweek(r) and will make one fine addition to the museum.

World Record IMAGE...thanks R&C Photography

Well here it is. The final pic. We submitted it to Guinness(r) to see if we can make the 2009 book!!! Wish us luck, and thanks to R&C and to everyone who helped build this HUGE image.
ps: that is me standing on top of the image along with the 8ft MINIFIGS

Dan Brown


Everything moves and shakes...and even a Monkey getting eaten by a croc is happening with the push of a button!!!

Storming the keep.

What do you do with 1050 mini figs??? Here it is!!!

Vikings in the house

This is a store display of VIKINGS...pretty cool addition


This was at the Hallway of the Imperial Glass museum for YEARS, then it was sold to the Barn another local landmark. Now it sits in our museum in the COLTC room.

This train has seen more action then most real trains.

Our NEW OLD castle

Aok, got to use an OXY moron...but it is cool!!! New to the museum, from the early 70s comes this GREAT little castle!

Our new GYM models.

Here is our adornment for the Gym. Check them out while watching the band and looking over the NEW WORLD RECORD!!!


Welcome Scouts pack 59

Here is the new display in the front of the museum. Welcome to the Weebalo Pack 59 Scouts.

PACK 59 in the house!!!

The new Bellaire BIG REDS

Here are the 2 newest Bellaire Big Reds, I think with this tall guys they will win EVERY game!!!

The World Record BUILD!!!

aok, you have been asking. Here is the 44ft+ World Record Build. Takes up the entire museum's GYM!!!


FUND RAISER 2007....will cost you nothing!


We need the heating system hooked up. So we have a VERY unique way to fund raise. We need your JUNK ELECTRONICS!!!

All we need is your JUNK!!! Large quantity A MUST!!!

Call the museum 740-671-8890 to make pickup or dropoff arrangements. Our goal is $9000.00 for this year. We have already raised about 800.00 so far!!!

740-671-8890 leave a message!

Boo at the Park and the Museum

Welcome to the yearly BOO AT THE PARK!!

As a new member of the Bellaire Chamber of Commerce and in FULL support of the Village Government we were VERY happy to be included in this years BOO AT THE PARK.

Congrats to the committee that put it all together!! Over 600 kids came by, and it was HUGE FUN.

I ran around in a Frankenstein mask (I know...I do not need a mask) was a blast!


We had some special guests today at the museum. The Bridgeport Schools came by to see the World's Largest LEGO(r) Collection. And build their brains out as well.


The toy museum sponsered a street fair...cost us a fortune, but was fun for the entire village.

More of the people from the BIG BUILD

Come one, come all. We did it, WORLD'S LARGEST LEGO(r) IMAGE is now in Bellaire, OHIO.

And the entire village came out to help us make it.


Yup, tons of cleanup after the BIG BUILD.

Special Guests in the Museum.

Part of the LEGO(r) group came to see the museum.

And the Guiness World Record for the World's Largest LEGO(r) IMAGE.

Over 600 people came to the museum on Sunday.

HUGE BIG BUILD...we made it. Sending in the paperwork after some tweeking of the pic to make it look better!

Here are some of the people who helped make it happen.

When you know you have built way too much

Here are some pictures from the BIG BUILD!!!
any YES she is using LEGO(r) as a pillow. TOUGH KID!!!

Working on the layouts.

We have a ton of building to do. If your interested in helping feel free to call us at

740-671-8890 and let me know when your ready!


Special thanks to Brian from Brickworkz

Here is the scale of the World's Largest LEGO(r) Image. Guinness World Record event that we are going to make in the coming weeks.

WE HAVE ALREADY BEGAN!!! So if your up to it come on by, sort brick and plate. Build to your hearts content...become part of HISTORY!!

This is the prototype layout, actual one may be larger or smaller depending on the plate count!



Welcome to the new home of the Guinness World Record for the WORLD's LARGEST LEGO(r) IMAGE

We are awaiting the final cert. now, but we have the record!

Over 600 people showed up, 200 kids helped build the HUMONGOUS TRAILOR!!!

designed by:Brian Korte, Brickworkz LLC
built by;

Dan Brown, Crystal Boyd, Larry Courtwright, Brian Korte, Eric Harshbarger as well as MANY others!!!

Special thanks to Eric for letting us use his HUGE image to accent the truck!

Special thanks to Carol from COLTC that came in for the big save

Special thanks to our staff for making the event the HUGE success that it was!

Special thanks to the Spirit of 76 fire department for the big save on the food service.

If I forgot anyone, let me know!!!

Again...thanks to all involved! Sweet event.

And come to Bellaire, OHIO to see the WORLD's LARGEST LEGO(r) IMAGE!!!

It is in our gym!!


His work speaks for itself. We will be posting weekly updates as we get closer to the event.

LOOKING FOR BUILD PEOPLE. Let me know if/when you can come in and work on this event. This is going in the BIG BOOK people!!! Lets get it going together.

LEGOLAND® California fans were able to purchase a piece of LEGOLAND history. Several LEGO® models were on sale on eBay with proceeds benefiting the Foundation for Positively Kids, a Las Vegas based non-profit agency dedicated to developing services that provide comprehensive care for Nevada’s medically fragile and terminally ill children.
The New England Harbor was removed to make way for Miniland Las Vegas, which opened March 29, 2007. “The city of Las Vegas is recognized around the world for its famous iconic structures and we wanted to give Park guests a chance to see the Las Vegas Strip in a family-friendly environment,” said President and General Manager John Jakobsen. “LEGOLAND is honored to give Park enthusiasts the chance to own a piece of the New England Harbor and to support the children of Las Vegas through the Foundation for Positively Kids.”
Thank you to all the LEGOLAND California supporters who helped raise money during the New England Model Auction. With your help LEGOLAND California was able to raise more than $14,000 for charity!
Just in case you want the link;
Bet you will never guess where these boats are now. Yup in Bellaire, OHIO!!!

Museum needs your help.

I know we have only been open for a few weeks, but we need your help.

This winter is going to be a doosey, and we need help finding funds to hook up the furnace and get some banked money for the pending bills. I would hate to have to reduce our hours to afford the heating bills, but reality is reality and I am making a public plee now vs. when we are in major money problems.

We need you help to find a grant writer, or foundation that can help us get through this with our skin in tact.

Thanks for any help

Dan Brown founder Bellaire Historic Society and Toy Museum