The Band called Plastica

This is the band from FAO Schwartz in NYC. They

are a robotic moving and singing band.

Now in a classroom in the museum soon

they will be center stage in the GYM!

Thanks to the class of 1986.

I am trying to upload some pics for the class of 1986, but my DARN BLOG will not allow me to yet!!!

Either way, THANKs for a great time. I did not want to remember High School. I could not wait to get out of the place and begin my life. But after 20 years, a midlife crisis, and JUST PLAIN curious nature I had to see the people and place!

I had a great time. People were nice, even some who did not like me at all in school!

Thanks for the interest in my lifes project. I was coming off some bad items that had soured me a bit. But the trip to LEGO was topped off by some wonderful support from my past peers! That was the boost I needed to get back to work, and get some more done!

If any of you are in the area and want to see how far we have come along. Feel free to E-Mail me, and I will give you contact phone numbers for a private tour. Or if your in the area in June 2007. COME TO THE OPENING. It should be AWSOME.