BrickFest 2006.

Kudos to Joe Meno for putting on a great fest.

I think we did a good job showing off the pending museum.

Thanks for the donations, and keep them coming. We want the community of LEGO(r) to have complete recognition for their works.

If you are a person from the general public, below are pics from the museum.

If you are from the LEGO(r) community, pat your self on the back for a wonderful show.

I was proud to be there, and next year our booth will blow your mind.

ps: Also a special thanks for the creator of "RED MAN", he will be getting a layout in the coming days on his sculpture, and information for the public on its history.

5ft Knight guarding the gates.

This was won in a contest in Canda. Now he guards the gates of the Knights

room in the museum. Check out the sword. This guy is almost 5ft tall, and

completly built from brick!!!

It came from OUTERSPACE.

It came from OUTERSPACE., originally uploaded by clarity2199.

This 4ft Spaceship is the newest addition to the museum. Thanks to Matt for

a great packing job. Came in without a scratch. Totally lights up, and

mounts off a vertical pole at an angle. Not easy to do for bigger models.