Family loss, and a new best friend.

I know I usually do not involve my personal life with the museum. But this was a defining moment this year. We lost the long time family pet Riley. We were so heart broken over this we adopted a new member of the family. He was saved from a high kill animal shelter. He is now a well loved member of the family! His name is Sammy.


Lego Crucifix
The founding family, the Christiansen's, were very religious.
This piece was created, splicing both their religious prominence and their love to
create LEGO(r) toys.
The front of the cross reads, 'Jesus' in a classic manuscript font. c.1950s

I got the call today. This is authentic. I was wondering myself, but we checked with DENMARK and they have given us the thumbs up. We found a REAL piece of LEGO(r) history.

Hold on to your is Mr. Pirate.

Another model from, they must be building the stuff. This little pirate display was DEMOLISHED in transit...but with enough glue, and a ton of LEGO(r) bricks you can rebuild anything. He is looking good in the water room....ARGGG Ye Matie..or something like that.

In the front of the Falcon, comes a MOSIAC.

Here is a sought after Mosiac. Thought it would look great in the Space room. ENJOY.

For Old Hollows comes Mr. Skeleton

Aok, this model is based on the 3723 LEGO(r) BIG Mini-Fig. He is spooky, and on display in the Knights room in the museum.

Robot made by Eric Harshbarger

You all know who this is. He was made famous to Sci-Fi nuts around the world. And he was recreated LIVE SIZE by Eric Harshbarger. All bow to the LEGO Master....hahaha, ok...well just look at the droid!


This big robot is the newest addition to our ANIMATRONIC lineup at the museum. This is a bit of a different robot. He has 3 indiv. controls, and when you move the levers, he moves. He is the newest addition to the MISSION FROM MARS (r) room.

Special thanks to Billy from COLTC.

This little boat model is perfect for our underwater room. THANKS Billy for the donation.


Yupper, another one from England. Guess they like us. This is an English Store Display boat. We are working hard on the underwater room. I am hoping for about 20 ships in total in there, we have about 10 so far.

ONLY 2 of each, and we now have 3.

Here are a pair of 19in basketball players. There are only 2 of each made, and we have 3 players so far. This fellow was nice enough to do a buy now for us. So here they are.

Say HELLO to Mr. Biggles.

Straight from ENGLAND, Mr. Biggles lives again in the museum. He suffered 2 broken legs in the long trip from England, but no suprise since they used MEGA CRUD to patch work him back together. So we rebuilt the legs, and he will be back on display in NO TIME....


Aok people, this may not look like one of the rarist models I have...but it is. It is a un-glued PROTOTYPE LEGO(r) model. This puppy was saved from a dumpster by a LEGO(r) employee. This is a ONE OF A KIND, and special thanks to that person for saving him. I hate to see works of art end up in the dumpster. NOTE TO ALL LEGO(r) PEOPLE, SAVE YOUR STUFF. May not be worth a ton of cash, but it is ART it!!!

Little Devil made by Eric Harshbarger

This is the Little Devil. Not sure where he is going yet, but he is home at the museum.

Now in the wild giraffe

This little bugger is from England. His face features are VERY NICE....nothing like a baby to go with its mother in the ZOO. Will have finished pics of the zoo soon. We are almost done with it.

Our MASSIVE chess set made by Eric Harshbarger

We have a HUGE collection from this master builder. This is one of his works. ENJOY

Our new Buildings, MICRO SCALE.

Here are some of the new buildings in the LEGO Rick room. Enjoy, will upload a completed layout when it is done. Hoping in about 2-3 weeks.

Aussie Monkey now in the zoo.

We now have 3 monkeys in the ZOO. Here is the most detailed one.

BaseBall the Zoo room.

Aok Sports fans. Here he is straight from Michigan. The ONLY baseball playing RHINO. He is almost 7ft tall, and SWEET.....he will be added to the zoo along with a pitcher, and maybe even a batting cage.


Not sure where this is going yet, BUT IT IS SOOOOO COOL!!!