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LEGO (r) sports stadium. It includes a food stand, cars, kids playing basketball, and spiderman hanging from the rafters. Also with over 100 mini figs, this is one of the museums favorite displays.


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This is a Toy R Us (r) LEGO (r) and Star Wars (r) toy display. (wow, thats alot of (r) signs. We have it, and it will be going into a case soon.


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Museum on her base. And a bunch of other stored stuff. We are almost ready to begin building more displays. Working on the cases now.

VINTAGE Bumper Cars

This is a view of the bumper cars I got at a Antique market in upper Ohio. We are building kids to put in them for the museum

Bear on a log!!!

Building a toy museum.

Complete Hollywood Blvd.

Building a toy museum.

Future Computer room

Building a toy museum.