My son's favorite GI-Joe(tm) figure. He is putting in a GI-Joe(tm) room in the museum. You will not believe the number of figs/vehicles that are going into this room (but at least they are headed out of our house!!!) Posted by Hello

Very cool space display

Original only 190 built. They are a retail store display for the discovery stores Posted by Hello

Lower shot of the 7ft tall Whinnie the Pooh(tm). The Log is SOLID, cannot imagine how many blocks are in this unique display. ACTUAL Display. Posted by Hello

More Kids for the shoe. Again tough to get in this size. How many kids did she have ?? Posted by Hello

Kids for the shoe. Tough to find vintage Lego kids in this size. Posted by Hello

This is a very cool display item

Underground display. Nice touch to a bland classroom. Posted by Hello

This 4ft tall turtle is in the museum. Love the detail. Posted by Hello

Yugioh eat your heart out. Straight from Australia this display looks great. Have the direction book also. Posted by Hello

16in display figure

Harry Potter(tm) has a new home in Bellaire OH Posted by Hello

A cool Tea Pot w. a Mouse on Top. Posted by Hello

This is the bear from DC

7ft tall BearPosted by Hello